Fraught tech

I'm gonna use this flightlog for throwing longer minilogs into / flights of fancy / casual extensions.

I've had a fraught relationship with technology this week

What else? I'm sure there's more.. Oh yes!

It's so interesting at the gym. The phone looks like an appendage on some people. They'll walk into the steam room with their phone! Before the world changedโ„ข phones were banned poolside, but now it's encouraged almost: they've installed small lockers for valuables

I understand it, a lot of us have been attached to our phones stuck at home for over a year. I've taken my phone into the pool area a couple of times. I've stopped though: it's good for me to have a retreat from the modern world and from technology.

Alexa has been really annoying me. I have a routine set up to listen to fluid radio but now it's saying that phat 100 is off the air. The routine is typed out so it's not a case of me saying something and being misheard. Shuffle mode has been temperamental too. Seems like a server side issue, can't think how it would be the device.

These little stresses accumulate. We're sold a lie that technology has made our lives easier, and it has in a lot of respects, but it's more complex than that.

I helped my partner's gran set up an email address at the weekend. To reserve a library book online she needs email. To get a physical book she needs an email address. Seems like a joke.