music, physicality and sound



My partner has gone back to the office. She was working in the bedroom where I have a lot of HiFi equipment.

So I've been back in there listening to tapes and CDs. I happened to get a new stylus last week - I've needed it for a couple of years - so I've been able to listen to records again too.

I like the warmth and hiss of tapes. I sometimes release music on cassette: the medium is right for vague, nostalgic, experimental music. I like the lightness and rattle of a tape, I like unfurling an inlay card. I like how people moan about sound quality when all they need is ok HiFi equipment.

I like the crackle and pops of vinyl. I like turning a record over and nestling it in place as it starts to slowly get back up to speed. I like the fuzzy distortion as the needle gets dusty.

I like looking through my CDs. I like the vague anxiety of clicking open the case and thinking it might come apart. I like that inlays became small booklets of thoughts and gratitude. I found some 3 inch CDs yesterday. One was contained in a handmade case with small photos of dogs. Another had a yellowed page from an old book folded into the small transparent sleeve.

I've been trying to stream music less and listen to mp3s more. Such a waste of energy. I'm trying to be more environmentally conscious. I need to look more into this.