a mix of poems generated by gpt2 and me

floating instrument


do you see?)


in the road


breath-creating sounds

lone star

lonesome star

havent heard my breath

in years


warm and clear

cold and cold

somewhere in our minds

lost memories

still still


start again

the world is flooding

how to be


(the flicker of)

my reflections

i see a boat

the falling stars,

looking for their own story

magpie shape

in front of the car:

butterflies playing

I look at

Beautiful blossoms

My neck hurts

beacon tower of the sky

warm-sweat and light, a dream of a sunrise

a quiet day

a golden sun shining

above the ice floes,

flowing in a clear blue wave

in the evening

the sun on the hill with stars

it'll find you too

Saline celestial

Echo pulse, fluid rise and

Release. Now I float

Swift flight

Dive and multiply

Open up the sky

so the earth may run

euphoric with light


let my thoughts slow down

and wait

watch clouds coalesce


cuts the sky

bleeding sky

gray clouds

turn silver

in rippled water

for a seed

the ground

is transcendence