rave tape earworm


I used to listen to bootleg rave tapes when I was a teen.. 25, 30 odd years ago

The same ones over and over again

Snippets of cut up / nonsense / misheard lyrics still drift though my head all the time

It seems fun to catalogue them as they drift past.. If you know what the track is let me know! sevenism@gmail.com

bambambam ichi, bambambam bamchi.. duppadj let the bass drum go like

you're not necessarily a man if you don't pull the trigger..you're not necessarily a man if you do if you do do do do

we oblige une ein uzum uzum uzum uzum, we oblige une ein uzum uzum ooligan

my name is mc sharky this is what I do, I make ardcore lyrics just to entertain you, this is dj vibes standing next to me, time time party time let's av a party!

blow your mind with the beat in sussai, you won't like it you'll [beep]