art and music

Cavernous (tapeloopd)

– video art/installation (100days / London Word Festival, 2010)

March of Progress

– music/artificial intelligence (AI: More than Human Exhibition, Barbican, 2019)

Gravity Tides (Subtle Dance) (w/ Ruxandra Mitache)

– video art (Photometria in Motion Festival, Greece, 2021 // Moving Image Festival, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2021)

The Flying Steering Wheel (w/ Ruxandra Mitache + Louis Durra)

– video art/visual album (Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe, 2021)

Music archive

(British Library)


(20x20project, 2020)

live in norwich

(naviar records, 2018)

saline celestial

(naviar records, 2016)

matryoshka loops

(infinite colors, 2015)